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Carlos Amorales - Black Cloud

An incredible experience awaits visitors at the Kunsthallen Brandts, where the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales' work 'Black Cloud' makes its debut in Denmark.

This artwork by Carlos Amorales manifests as a dark, yet poetic experience, fully living up to its title. Imagine more than 30,000 black butterflies, made from laser-cut paper, swarming in cloud-shaped formations around you. These butterflies inhabit every nook and cranny - from windows to ceilings, walls to pillars.
Individually, each paper butterfly is a delicate, aesthetic wonder, but together they form an overwhelming mass, evoking associations of something both supernatural and uncontrollable, bordering on biblical plagues.

The story behind 'Black Cloud' is just as captivating as the artwork itself. Carlos Amorales found inspiration during a sleepless night on a last visit to his dying grandmother. In the darkness, a vision of a room filled with black butterflies emerged so vividly that Amorales was driven to realize this vision.

It all began with the production of paper butterflies in the artist's own studio in Mexico City and has now spread to popular culture, where it has, among other things, created a trend in the fashion world.