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Forfatteraften: Naja Maria Aidt

STRYNØ LITERARY ASSOCIATION presents a conversation with Naja Marie Aidt about her new book ‘Exercises in Darkness’

Naja Marie Aidt comes to Strynø to talk about her new book

Naja Marie Aidt is one of the most recognised and award-winning authors of her generation. Naja had her big breakthrough with the moving, personal Carl's Book in 2017. In February, Exercises in Darkness will be published, which Aidt will talk about this evening in conversation with Charlotte Inuk.


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Strynø Literary Association

Strynø Literary Association works to present literature and authors on Strynø and is also behind the Strynø Literature Festival ‘LITERATURE FOR BIG & SMALL’ which takes place on the weekend of 29 & 30 June.