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Fun in Fall on North Funen

North Funen offers beautiful nature, fun games and lots of exciting activities during the autumn holidays!

Hello to all nature enthusiasts and adventurous families!

Autumn is here, and it's the perfect time to explore beautiful Nordfyn with your entire family. We have a treasure chest full of fun activities and experiences that will make you enjoy the autumn together. So, pack warm clothes and a good mood because here's what you can experience:

**Nature Adventures on Nordfyn** Join us on nature adventures around Nordfyn and experience nature in your very own adventure!

**Kellebygårds Roadside Stand** Visit Kellebygårds Roadside Stand, where you can choose from a variety of delicious and beautiful pumpkins that you can use for carving and decoration.

**Nature Bingo** Go on a fun nature bingo adventure in the forest and see if you can fill your bingo cards with natural discoveries.

**The Best Playgrounds on Nordfyn** Find the best playgrounds on Nordfyn and let the kids release their energy. We have some fantastic places where they can play and have fun!

☕ **Visit Bogense** ☕ Bogense is Denmark's coziest market town, and it has plenty to offer. Take a walk in the cobblestone streets, visit the local cafes, and feel the unique atmosphere.

️ **Farm Shops and Gourmet Experiences on Nordfyn** ️ Find the best farm shops and gourmet stores on Nordfyn where you can treat yourselves to local delicacies and unique products.

️ **Antiques and Secondhand on Nordfyn** ️ If you're into treasure hunting, visit the antique and secondhand stores on Nordfyn. You might find something truly special!

**There's a Baker... at Nordfyns Museum in October** Take your family on a historical journey into Nordfyn's cake and baking history at Nordfyns Museum. A delicious experience for both young and old.

**Colors of October - On the Trail of the Old Rails** Hop on your bikes and join us for a delightful bike ride where you can enjoy exciting stories about the old railways on Nordfyn. It will be a Thursday you'll never forget!

**Night Walk in Bogense** For the brave souls, there's a night walk in the dark streets of Bogense. Listen to the town's mysterious secrets if you dare! It will be thrillingly exciting.

**Plowing Day with Jutland Horses** On October 14th, there's a plowing day with the impressive Jutland horses in Jersore. A unique opportunity to experience the history of agriculture and powerful animals in action.

So, come and experience autumn together on Nordfyn. We look forward to welcoming you to a season filled with fun, nature, culture, and history!