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Galleri Nordfyn - painter and sculptor Knud Axelsen

Knud Axelsen has a large and exciting gallery in Lunde with a diverse selection of art - come and experience it for yourself!

Knud Axelsen is a versatile artist who has been driven by a lifelong passion for the performing arts. Knud Axelsen works not only on canvas, but also in mixed media and with drawings. He carves marble, creates art and "kisses" in fibre concrete, paints portraits and creates art from mosaics. In general, he is an artist who takes his starting point in the life that surrounds him.

Outside the gallery, you can also enjoy Knud Axelsen's marble sculptures.

Knud Axelsen is a searching, playful artist who, no matter what material he chooses to express himself in, never leaves the viewer in doubt about his commitment. He listens to Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and much more when creating his art:

"Music - a theatre performance, opera or piece of music - inspires me when I work on my art. It creates images in my head, which can then be expressed through the brush."

Knud Axelsen has exhibited in several censored exhibitions.

Opening hours

The gallery is open:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 14.00-18.00 or by appointment