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Feel safe on Fyn

Denmark's Covid-19 restrictions are easing and tourists from certain countries can now enter Denmark. We're looking forward to welcoming you back on Fyn and the Islands! Take a look at our updated border information and safe travel advice below.

Updated on June the 16th 2021

Stemning på Odense

Important info: Travelling to Denmark as a tourist

Visiting Fyn and the Islands

Updated information and guidelines about entry into Denmark and transportation to Fyn and the Islands.

Rules and regulations in Denmark

Face mask or shield

In some places there is a requirement for the use of a face mask or shield - e.g. at the airport or if you stand up in the bus or on the train. Notice the applicable signage.

Corona passport

As a tourist, you may experience the requirement of showing a negative Covid-19 test or a Corona passport on several occasions.

Many attractions and restaurants have reopened with special requirements for guests to have had a Covid-19 test up to 72 hours before their visit - or to be able to show a valid Corona passport. Be sure to check with the relevant attraction or restaurant before you visit. 

Remember the authorities' guidelines

Please remember the good habits: Wash your hands often or use hand sanitiser. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve. Keep 2 meters away whenever possible and always at least 1 meter. Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs. And most important: If you get symptoms of Covid-19, go into self-isolation and get tested with a PCR test.

Restrictions on assemblies

No more than 100 people can gather at indoor events and activities simultaneously at the same location. It is therefore not allowed to host and attend indoor events, activities etc. with more than 100 people gathered. Some exceptions apply to bigger conferences, cultural and sports events etc.

Find your nearest Covid-19 test centre

Both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests can be used as proof in your corona passport and for regular testing. However, you should always take a PCR test when showing symptoms of Covid-19, or if you are a close contact of someone infected with Covid-19.

Read more about how to get a test at The Region of South Denmark's website

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