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Landal Middelfart

The cozy holiday park Landal Middelfart is surrounded by both forest and water, providing ample opportunity for a holiday filled with fun experiences in nature.

At Landal Middelfart, you get:

✓ Your own cozy holiday home with a fireplace
✓ Stay in the scenic area by Fænøsund and Hindsgavl Deer Park
✓ Free access to the indoor swimming pool and the large outdoor pool
✓ Fun activities such as a creative workshop, treasure hunt, and much more
✓ Opportunity for hiking, cycling, and boat trips in the area

Holiday in the midst of Hindsgavl Deer Park
The area around Landal Middelfart is perfect for those who want to experience a variety of exciting activities in the scenic area. The park is located on the Hindsgavl Peninsula, characterized by large beech forests, open meadows, and the beautiful coastline of Fænøsund. Landal Middelfart is in the heart of the Hindsgavl Deer Park, where you can see plenty of wild deer roaming freely. You can go on cycling or hiking trips, and there's a route for orienteering that adventurous souls can explore.

Seaside experiences
With Fænøsund and Little Belt right outside the door, guests at Landal Middelfart have plenty of opportunities to explore the area from the water. Go on a kayak or canoe trip and enjoy a day on the water in the beautiful surroundings. Or join a whale-watching safari where you can spot porpoises, seals, and other exciting animals. There is a guarantee for a wonderful day with fun experiences for the whole family. Rental of kayaks and canoes can be found here.

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