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Langelands Jazzklub arrangementer

Langelands Jazzklub anno 1972 may be the smallest in Denmark, but that does not mean that there is no high class swing and activity here. Every year the club organises 6-8 cosy events indoors or outdoors under a blue sky roof. Tickets can be purchased on the club's website or at the entrance.

Saturday 24 February at 13:00

Lunchtime jazz in Borgerhuset, Ahlefeldsgade, Rudkøbing. 

Sunday 17 March at 15:00

Concert with Basic Big Band with Poul Halberg and Bo Stief. ØP, Havnegade 92, Rudkøbing.

Sunday 19 May at 12.00 noon

Pentecost jazz with your own picnic basket Langelands Efterskole, Nørrebro 190, Rudkøbing. Music: Dixiland Jubilies.

Friday 2 August at 13.00

EltrikJazz in Eltrik's cosy backyard, Østergade (free admission) Music: JazzDipper OG A Plane To Catch. ELVIS ON MY MIND w. BRIAN TROY.

Saturday 7 September at 20.00 (pre-sale has started)

ELVIS ON MY MIND w. BRIAN TROY. Brian Troy is No. 14 in the World as "Elvis" and was voted No. 2 in Birmingham UK, January this year. ØP, Rudkøbing.

Saturday 9 November at 20.00

The jazz club's traditional "MORTENSJAZZ" at ØP, Havnegade 92, Rudkøbing. Roast duck with traditional accompaniments and rice ala mande WITH almond gifts. The music is provided by none other than "MADS TUXEN LOCKJAW" - and it's guaranteed to get you in the mood and ready to dance.

By the way, check out Langelands Jazzklub's website (now also with a Member Magazine for 2024) and the weekly newspaper "Øboen".

With passion and love - in Denmark's Cosiest Jazz Club.