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Michael Falch - poetisk triotur

Falchen on a poetic trio tour at Broløkke Manor on 19 April 2025 at 19:30. Admission from 18:30.

Many years ago, Michael Falch adopted the phrase ‘the rest never sleeps’. Throughout his career, he has used it as a mantra to never just repeat himself when he goes on tour. In recent times alone, he has toured with his young rock band DÉT BAND, with his daughter Mathilde, the so-called bittersweet trio, with MALURT, acoustic solo and with Poul Krebs.

On 19 April 2025, Michael Falch will play at Broløkke Herregård in a new trio set up. He will be supported by Norwegian cellist Live Johansson from LiveStrings, who has previously added a Scandinavian flavour to his songs both on stage and on albums - and keyboard player Mikkel Reumert Damgaard, who has been a member of Falch's backing band for a number of years and who is currently part of Love Shop.

Michael Falch is currently writing new songs and a new album is expected to see the light of day in October 2024, when he has completed his tour with Poul Krebs.

Support on the tour will be a new name on the Danish scene, Gabriel Jacobsen. Since he was very young, he has worked for Michael Falch as a stage manager. Along the way, Gabriel has developed his own songwriting, and he will showcase his big voice before the poetic trio takes the stage.

In 2025, Michael Falch, in a cinematic, atmospheric sound in the company of two magnificent musicians, will take his most beautiful and telling songs about human conditions and the state of things around the country - with the intensity, energy and special presence that always characterise his performances.

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