forår fynske skove ramsløg løvskov

Hunting for wild garlic

When spring arrives, it is time for a walk in the forest. Explore the forests on Fyn and notice the powerful smell of garlic – then you know that ramson is near. If you haven’t found your own place to forage ramson, we have made this list. Take a look and get inspired for forest walk.

Forage with care

The small green leaves begin to emerge from the forest floor at the end of February. For the rest of spring you can enjoy the garlicky plant in the kitchen at home. You can use the whole plant – leaves, the flowers and the bulb itself. Make a delicious ramson pesto or ramson salt.

Remember to only forage what you need and leave some for other keen foragers and next years crop. You must also be aware that ramson can be confused with Lilly of the Valley, which is poisonous. Tell them apart by smelling – ramson has a distinct garlic smell.   

Ramson in the forests on Fyn

You can find ramson in these forests. If you know another place where you can find ramson, then please tell us - so other people can enjoy the bountifulness.