The Baltic Sea Cycle Route Stage 10 - Svendborg-Assens

Photo: VisitFyn

Enjoy a trip along the coasts of Southern Fyn, looking out over the beautiful Archipelago, explore the Egeskov Castle or the Archipelago Museum, or visit the peninsula Helnæs and experience its unique nature. You may also pass an enthusiastic car collector on the road.. 

Svendborg, Faaborg and Assens each has its own distinctive character, so it will be up to you to choose which one is your favourite. The journey from Svendborg to Assens is close to the coast, so you are never far from a beach stop. You are furthest from the shore when you cycle in towards the Alps of Fyn, also called the ‘Svanninge Bakker’. Still, even here you will be able to see the archipelago from the many vista points. You can also take a few detours along the way, maybe Egeskov Castle or the most beautiful, untouched countryside of the peninsulas of Helnæs and Thorø Huse. Perhaps do some island hopping in the summer months, from Faaborg Harbour.

Faaborg Town
Faaborg is a picturesque town, with the archipelago in its front garden and the Alps of Fyn to the back. If you are looking for a quintessentially Danish town with hollyhocks and rickety old houses springing out of cobbled streets, then you are in the right place. The delightfully coloured houses and the tiny streets give the town its very own charm. Faaborg is also a top destination for sailors and the perfect place from which to go island hopping.

The Half Island of Helnæs
Helnæs is a small peninsula with a unique scenery, a cultural life and an exciting past. The name stems from the word ’holy’ and may have been a place where the prehistoric gods were worshipped. The bike ride along the sea between Fyn and the peninsula leaves you with a special impression and you can often meet fishermen, kite and windsurfers at the water’s edge. At Helnæs you can enjoy nature both at sea and on land. Find your walking shoes and take a walk in the Bobakker or enjoy a delicious meal at the Helnæs Kro.

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