Mellem to sorte træværkshuse er en båd placeret på et stativ på havnen med udsigt til vandet.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route Stage 12 - Middelfart-Christiansfeld

Photo: VisitFyn

Take a trip along Lillebælt from Middelfart and over to the Jutland side. Here you can learn more about military history, experience musical theater, the old castle Koldinghus, the art museum Trapholt and much more. Don't forget to enjoy a gingerbread in the cozy town of Christiansfeld. 

On Stage 12 between Middelfart and Christiansfeld, you ride through the largest nature reserve in Denmark, Naturpark Lillebælt. The waters of Lillebælt are the focal point for a rich and varied countryside and home to one of the world’s most dense populations of Harbour Porpoises. Explore these beautiful creatures on board a Whale Safari from the lovely old port of Middelfart.

When you reach Fredericia and Kolding, you dive straight into Denmark’s military history. Fredericia was one of the most important fortresses and garrison towns in Denmark. The ramparts tell the story of the siege of 1849. On your way into Kolding, you will notice Jutland’s last royal castle, Koldinghus. The stage ends at Christiansfeld, with its yellow brick Moravian houses. In 2015 the town became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fredericia Ramparts
Fredericia is home to Northern Europe’s largest and most wellpreserved ramparts. There are bastions, moats, canons, traverses and cavaliers. The Ramparts were constructed in 1650 by local farmers, soldiers and convicts.

One of the most significant victories in Danish military history occurred here – the siege of Fredericia, on 6th July 1849. The Danish assault commenced in the dark of night, out through the portals, driving the Schleswig-Holstein forces away. The ramparts are today a beautiful and natural site.

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