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Knudshoved, Nyborg

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route Stage 9: Korsør - Nyborg - Svendborg

Photo: Daniel Villadsen


Enjoy the view and rest your legs while you wave goodbye to Korsør and continue along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route on Stage 9 travelling over the majestic Storebælt to arrive in Nyborg on Fyn. This atmospheric town, with a castle and a vibrant town life, is also home to several child-friendly beaches.

Enjoy the atmosphere in Nyborg Marina and stop just south of the town centre to admire Holckenhavn Castle. As you move further south, you can choose to stop for refreshments or stay overnight by Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park. Next stop is Hesselagergård – something straight out of a fairy tale. From here there are only a few kilometres to Lundeborg, a charming little fishing village, which was once a great market place in the Iron Age.

Take a trip to the romantic Broholm Castle – book a room and live like a prince or princess for a night. Near Svendborg, you might like to visit Skårupøre Vineyard if you are thirsty or just a little bit inquisitive. It is the perfect place to take a rest before you finish the stage in Svendborg.

If you ride in the opposite direction on Stage 9 towards Svendborg as the starting point, ride on towards Korsør and then further on, on Stage 8 towards Næstved.

Highlights from stage 9

Photo:Nicolai Godvin

The market town of Nyborg

Did you know that Nyborg was Denmark’s very first capital city? With this in mind, it makes complete sense that Nyborg Castle is the home to Denmark’s oldest, most well-preserved castle, owned by a king, dating back to 1170. The castle played an important role in the Middle Ages, which is easy to imagine, when you walk along the embankments, admiring the castle that is currently being beautifully restored.

The town’s church, ‘Our Lady’s Church’, is from the 14th Century and is absolutely worth a visit. In the summer you can watch a play in Denmark’s oldest Open Air Theatre.

If you plan your trip around the first weekend of July, the town transforms into one from the Middle Ages, courtesy of the traditional Danehof Market.

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Storebælt, Storebæltsbroen

Photo:Destination Fyn

Storebælt Bridge

Seen from afar, the bridge over Storebælt, is an impressive sight, as it connects Sjælland to Fyn. The pylons on the East Bridge are 254m high, some of the tallest structures in Denmark. The span between the Pylons is 1624m long and makes the East Bridge between Sjælland and Sprogø the longest suspension bridge in Europe. The bridge opened for train traffic in 1997 and cars in 1998. It consists of two bridges and a tunnel, which together spans 18km.

There is a viewing area of the bridge at the end of Hjejlevej in Nyborg.

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Restaurant Hesselet

Photo:Destination Fyn

Haute Cuisine in Nyborg

If you love food, you will love the experience of Haute Cuisine from the Restaurants Lieffroy, Hesselet or Remisen. All of them guarantee an enjoyable gastronomic experience in beautiful and unique surroundings.

Restaurant Remisen is situated in an old railway workshop by the harbour, connected to the Nyborg Distillery. The workshops have been completely renovated and contain the restaurant, the production line and warehouse, where the whiskey ages. The café is full of the distillery’s organic produce.

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Photo:Destination Fyn

Broholm Castle

Broholm Castle is a time warp with a park, a moat and a watermill. Here you can daydream your way to the past where Broholm played host to the world-renowned author of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen. If you sign up for a tour, you can see Chamberlain NFB Sehested’s prehistoric collection of over 60,000 antiquities, as well as the beautiful rooms in the main building.

Spoil yourself in the top quality gourmet restaurant and maybe even book an overnight stay in the castle’s entrancing rooms.

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Østersørutens etape 9 - Lundeborg Havn

Photo:Hans Sturesson

Lundeborg Harbour

Lundeborg is a quaint, old fishing harbour, where it is still possible to enjoy its unique maritime community. Watching the fishing boats sail into the harbour with their catch is a wonderful way to spend your time. Enjoy the view from the harbour’s charming cafés. Lundeborg is surrounded by stunning countryside, with forests, meadows and fields in all directions.

There are an abundance of walking and biking tours behind the town and along the coast and at the harbour there is a Viking themed playground.

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Wine Tour of Fyn

The passion that the winemakers’ have for their ancient craft permeates the vineyards on Fyn. As you walk through the winding rows of vines or have a chat with one of the vintners about their love of growing and refining the old varieties of grape that thrive on Fyn, this all becomes crystal clear. On the road towards Svendborg you can visit Frørup Vineyard, Vejstrup Vineyard, Skårupøre Vineyard or Svendborg Vineyard without taking too much of a detour from the route.

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