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På en mark med udsigt udover havet står et bordebænkesæt. På bænken sidder to kvinder og kigger udover vandet.

The Castle Route: Ærø

Photo: Michael Fiukowski and Sarah Moritz

The stage is the shortest stage of the route, but what a stage! Experience the unique beach houses, maritime history, and local delicacies.

Take a closer look at the stage on the map below. Zoom in and find manor houses, Bike Stations and Bike Friends near the route.

Further down the page you can fin inspiration for experiences along the route.

The stage is 32 km. The stretch between Søby and Ærøskøbing has some good climbs, while the stretch between Ærøskøbing and Marstal is quite flat. Be aware that a big part of the route is a gravel path along the water.

Another must see is the charming streets of Ærøskøbing. The city is the best-preserved eighteenth-century town in Denmark. Walk along the colorful houses – some parts of the city are more than 750 years old.

Every cyclist knows that stopping at a bakery is a must. In Søby you must visit the perhaps best baker on the island – Finn's bageri. The rest of the island offers plenty of opportunites to refuel at cozy cafes, farmshops and restaurants.


Are you more into digital navigation than following signs along the way? Fear not - You can download the route as a GPX-file for your navigation, or see the route on the map above. Luckily, the route has signs the entire way, so you can easily drive without aiding devices.

Ærøfærgen på havet i solnedgang
The Baltic Sea Cycle Route Stage 1: Sønderborg - Ærø - Svendborg
Bicycle routes around Ærø
Bicycle routes around Ærø
Kyststien (the costal trail) on Ærø island
Kyststien (the costal trail) on Ærø island

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