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glamping tiki camp langeland

Glamping on Fyn

Photo: Tiki Camp

Glamour + camping = glamping! Forget about struggling with a tent for several hours, and forget about uncomfortable air mattresses and sleeping bags. On a glamping holiday you definitely won’t miss your own bed. You can get a unique experience of luxury combined with the outdoors.

To hvide glampingtelte omringet af natur.
Photo: Daniel Villadsen Photography

Falsled Strand Camping

With the Tent Suite you get 40sqm of comfortable breathable cotton, fully furnished, decorated with love and Scandinavian design - inspired by what we like to call "Scandinavian lodge". Outside there is a bench and a table so you can enjoy the fresh air and the camping atmosphere.


Tiki Camp - Denmark’s first ‘Glampsite’

Tiki Camp was founded in 2018 by Tirza and Nicki and was Denmark’s very first ‘glampsite’

Glamping at Teglværkspladsen
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Glamping at Teglværkspladsen

Teglværkspladsen (The brickworks site)


Ristinge Glamping - Nature and Togetherness

Enjoy glamping close to the beautiful beach of Ristinge Strand. The glampsite is on a large area of untamed land with its own lake.

Glamping at Casa Ghiorsi
Photo: Simone Ghiorsi

Glamping at Casa Ghiorsi

Come on a farm holiday on the farm on Ærø

glamping svendborg sund camping telt overnatning
Photo: Svendborg Sund Camping

Svendborg Sund Camping

Glamping with a view of the beautiful sea, Svendborgsund. The big and bright tents are decorated with cozy double beds and armchairs. There is also a big terrace with a grill and refrigerator.


Glamping at Strynø Smakkecenter

Lækre glampingtelte med unik placering 100 meter fra børnevenlig strand

glamping telt bogense camping overnatning ferie
Photo: Bogense Camping

First Camp Bogense City

The glamping tents are luxury and comfort combined with freedom. You don’t have to put up a tent and pack it down again – it is like staying at a hotel, but in nature.

Luftfoto af Bøsøre strand feriepark: Et net af campingvogne set oppefra
Photo: Destination Fyn

First Camp Bøsøre Strand

Glamping in a unique suitcase cabin. The cabin is decorated for cosy family time and is Bøsøre’s take on glamping. The cabin is 15 square meters and houses 4 people.

First camp skovlund glamping telt
Photo: First Camp Skovlund

First Camp Skovlund

The glamping area is specially dedicated to all outdoor people. For climate enthusiasts who know how cool it is to be CO2-neutral. And for anyone who appreciates excellent craftsmanship, even if it's simple.

Strand med bølgende vand, badebro og mange badende gæster.
Photo: Destination Fyn

Camp Hverringe

Stay in a safari tent! The tent has fixes floors, to bunk beds and a double bed in separate rooms. There is also a pallet couch, a small kitchen with running water and the most basic kitchen equipment.

faaborg camping luksus telt glamping ferie overnatning
Photo: Faaborg Camping

Faaborg Camping

Glamping in luxury tents in Faaborg. The tents has all that a traditional camping trip has, but with a touch of luxury. You don’t have to compromise comfort to spend the night in nature.


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