Strynø-færgen på vandet med folk ombord. forude anes en bro.

Island hopping the South Fyn Archipelago

Photo: Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Why waste carbon emissions on a flight to Thailand or Greece when you can go island hopping around the South Fyn Archipelago? No matter whether you are sailing your own boat or travelling by ferry, you can put together a unique route that takes you to all kinds of über-charming islands.

One day may be reserved for sampling the world’s best organic ice cream on Skarø, while the next is devoted to cycling along the coastline of atmospheric Ærø. Can you picture it? With its numerous and varied islands, the South Fyn Archipelago is simply made for voyages of discovery – at the helm of your own boat or with a ferry ticket in your pocket.

Explore the archipelago

Photo: VisitFyn

Island hopping by boat or ferry

If you have your own boat, visit to see an overview of the marinas and harbours in the archipelago that you can use to plan your trip. If you don’t have a vessel of your own, you can board a ferry in Svendborg, Faaborg or Rudkøbing and put your feet up while the captain sets sail to a different kind of Denmark: the South Fyn islands, where you can be tempted to think that time passes at its own pace, leaving room for peace, quiet and introspection.


Ferry routes from South Fyn

But which route to choose? There are so many options: from Svendborg, you can sail to the islands of Skarø, Drejø and Hjortø, while from Faaborg, ferries sail to the islands of Bjørnø, Lyø and Avernakø. As the icing on the cake, there is Strynø – a gem of an island you can reach by ferry from Rudkøbing on Langeland.

Extra ferries are laid on in the summer holidays, making it even easier to hop from one island to the next without ever returning to mainland Fyn. In the peak season, you can even buy a special “island hopping” ticket, which allows you to spend a whole day – or even a week – hopping from island to island. The ticket costs the same. For more information and to buy tickets, visit ø

Photo:Destination Fyn

And then there are the little ones ...

There are, of course, more islands than the ones that are linked to Fyn by bridges or ferries. The South Fyn Archipelago actually boasts more than 60 islands, islets and tongues of land you can visit at low tide by foot or by tractor – or in your own boat, canoe or kayak.

So bring out your inner seafarer and go exploring among the small islands. Many of them are uninhabited, but feature breathtaking landscapes and magnificent birdlife.