Adventure activities for the whole family

Ride the adrenaline rush as you swing your way through the trees like Tarzan. Look out over Fyn from the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge, enjoy a laid back tour in a prairie wagon or try archaeological snorkelling. Fyn has family-friendly adventure activities to delight all ages.

Bridgewalking Lillebælt

You can travel to Sydney. Or to the Little Belt. In both places you can try walking along the top of a bridge, enjoying the spectacular and unobstructed view – and the feeling of butterflies in your tummy. Bridgewalking Lillebælt will take you on a guided tour fully 60 metres up on top of the Old Little Belt Bridge. It’s a one-of-a kind experience for people of all ages to enjoy, and you can be sure that the safety level is top class – as is the view. During the walk, your guide will talk about the history, architecture and actual construction of the bridge, as well as about the countryside around the Little Belt.

After the wonderful walk, make the most of the opportunities to play and picnic in the area around the Bridgewalking Welcome Centre.

Gorilla Park

Gorilla Park Svendborg is a completely new climbing park located in Stenstrup, just 12 km outside Svendborg. The park gives everyone over the age of 4 the chance to try climbing along a variety of courses.

The climbing courses feature different levels of difficulty – from the children’s course for our youngest visitors, to the Tarzan Track for daredevils who have no problem stepping out from a height of 12 metres.

The highest priority is accorded to safety, and the skilled instructors will help you master the different obstacles. So drop your inhibitions and let your inner gorilla run free at Gorilla Park Svendborg.

Funky Monkey Park

Funky Monkey Park presents wonderful experiences and tricky challenges for visitors of all ages, with nine climbing courses and sixteen zip wires secured among the trees at heights from 50 cm to 15 metres. The different tracks and courses present a host of challenges – fully 86 different obstacles with various levels of difficulty.

Located in Odense, Funky Monkey Park is the perfect destination for all the family. Choose the courses that best suit your mood, courage and desire to tackle challenges. Let the little ones (age 3 and up) start with the obstacles positioned just 50 cm above the ground, and then decide how high you yourself dare to climb.


Egeskov is the place to go for all kinds of entertaining challenges for young and old alike. In the old beech woods that surround the delightful castle grounds, thrill-seekers can take a 100-metre stroll 10–15 metres up in the air, sauntering nonchalantly from one treetop to the next. You can also test your skills on Egeskov’s 1,000 m2 mooncar track, where children and the young at heart can head off around the circuit on their own or with a partner.

Odense ZOO

Fancy a walk in the woods – 12 metres up in the air? Come along, enjoy the view and go exploring among the treetops high above Odense ZOO. Bøgetoppen is the name of a 250-metre walk from one treetop to the next at a height of 6–12 metres, with magnificent views out over Odense Zoo, the nearby houses and, of course, the enchanting beech woods.

The walk takes you from tree to tree via aerial walkways and platforms firmly anchored to the sturdy tree trunks. The route features a total of ten platforms, the highest of which is fully 12 metres above ground level. As you make your way along Bøgetoppen, you can learn a bit about the Danish countryside and find out more about the plants and animals that live at the top and bottom of the trees.


Segway Langeland

Are you up for some fast-paced fun? Then you’ll be sure to have a great time at Segway Langeland, where you can test your skills on the wacky 2-wheelers on our 17,000 sqm Segway track. Children and adults can tackle the track together – although it’s best if children are at least 115 cm tall.

Our skilled instructors will give you a detailed introduction to how to ride a Segway, to ensure you feel full of confidence and ready to have a great time. After the introduction, it’s time to hit the track, where you have every opportunity to challenge yourselves – and one another. Your Segway Langeland instructor will be right nearby throughout your ride.


Snorkelling with the Archipelago Museum

Dive down beneath the waves for a once in a lifetime experience with the Archipelago Museum. Instead of looking at display cases and mannequins, it’s time to don a wetsuit and diving mask. Once you’re fully equipped for the water, the museum guides will lead you through an historical landscape, where ancient artefacts have lain undisturbed for upwards of 6,000 years.

Following a thorough introduction to the art of snorkelling, the museum archaeologists will lead you on a dive of discovery to the ancient Ertebølle culture settlements that lie today in shallow waters along the coasts of Southern Fyn – they’re easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. The museum archaeologists are in the water with you every flip of the way, guiding you through a one-of-a-kind encounter with the Stone Age.

Tag på arkæologisk snorkeltur med familien

Ride the trail with horse and prairie wagon

Settle down behind the horses, grab hold of the reins and relax. Really, really relax. A holiday with horse and prairie wagon is not the thrill-ride often depicted in spaghetti westerns, but it is packed with quality time for young and old alike. In the prairie wagon, around the camp fire or during the work with your trusty four-legged companions. The horses set the pace for your journey, which will take you all over the beautiful countryside of Southern Fyn.

South Fyn horse and prairie wagon hire is your ticket to an active holiday with a real difference. The prairie wagon has been set up as an authentic caravan with sleeping spaces for four people and a little cooking area, too.

Bison safari at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Experience authentic prairie ambience among Ditlevsdal’s 500 or so American bison. Children and adults alike can jump up in the prairie wagon and take a guided safari trip out to the gentle giants. On the trip, the guide will talk about bison behaviour and life on the farm.

And how about a bite of bison meat? Ditlevsdal Bison Farm has its own restaurant and farm shop, where you can buy bison meat from the farm’s own herd. The bison farm also has an outdoor “Indian track”, where children and the young at heart can test their balancing skills.