Besøg de fynske fødevarefestivaler - foto fra slagterbod

Food festivals

Throughout the year the cities of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food as the main theme. Spis! Odense Food Festival, Danehof in Nyborg and the largest Nordic food market, Culinary South Fyn, in Svendborg - just to name a few. Here is the list of the largest food events of the year:

Asparagus Lunch

25. May 2019

Fyn's best restaurants, asparagus farmers and brewing houses invite to the biggest spring event on Fyn. Come and taste when Fyn's first-class chefs transform springs most wanted delicacy. Taken from the soil, the asparagus is made into a special tasty lunch, served with an ice-cold beer from one of the local breweries.

Heartland Festival

29.-31. May 2020

There are several ways you can experience the food at Heartland. Enjoy a gastronomic top class meal at the Heartland Banquet, hang out at the Tasteland stage, where leading food nerds share their gastronomic knowledge, or explore the festival's many food stalls and restaurants - all serving meals created with at least 80% ingredients from Fyn.

The Funen Cattleshow

12.-14. June 2020

The Funen Cattleshow offers something for everybody. Pet exhibitions for children, agricultural machines, life style trend, fair fashion show and culinary specialties from the Funen Region.

Culinary South Fyn, Svendborg

27.-28. June 2020

The food market held in the centre of Svendborg is the largest Nordic food market, attracting both a large number of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. The market is a feast for all the senses, with treats for everyone’s taste buds. The distinguishing feature of this market is the exceptional quality of the ingredients and products.

Danehof in Nyborg

4.-5. July 2020

A delightful mediaeval atmosphere is the order of the day, with authentic stalls, foods and entertainment for children and adults alike when Nyborg revives the old Danehof tradition. Attractions include exciting knights’ tournaments at Nyborg Castle.

Lohals' Meatball festival

16. July 2020

Music, Been and - of course - meatballs are the most important ingrediens to a perfekt Meatball festival in Lohals on Langeland. Experience activities for the whole family, as well as the contest for the best meatball.

Kerteminde Cherry Festival

17.-19. July 2020

"Look, listen and taste" are the key words of the Kerteminde Cherry Festival. Three festive days where the people of Kerteminde cherish the cherry through art, music, culinary flavors and entertainment for the entire family.

Rose Festival in Bogense

1.-2. August 2020

Guided tours of the rose fields, rose decorations all over Bogense, a food market and talks about roses and cultivation.

SPIS! Odense Food Festival

9.-15. September 2019

During this culinary week, you can participate in cooking schools or enjoy a great meal at one of Odenses best restaurants. Remember to book ahead! One of the other highlights of the festival is the SPIS! Food market on City Hall Square. Here you will meet some of the best, quality conscious producers and food craftsmen of Funen. Sniff, taste, talk and trade your way through the market!

Apple Festival in Assens

9.-20. October 2019

The festival is a celebration of the healthy danish apple. You can learn more about how to use apples in everyday cooking, and how to make specialties like cider, wine and schnapps. The festival offers exciting experiences for the entire Family.

Æblefestival i Assens