Vinterbadning på Fyn

Winter swimming for the hardcore aficionados

Photo: Destination Fyn

On Fyn, there is every opportunity to go swimming in the winter – as long as there’s a hot sauna nearby. The stimulating chill of the water followed by the heat of the sauna produces a wonderful feeling of well-being that you owe it to yourself to experience.

Fuglsang sauna og friluftsliv
Near the beach at Tørresø, the voluntary association Fuglsang sauna & friluftsliv has set up a mobile sauna that you can use every Sunday during the winter after a refreshing (!) dip in the water. Please remember to book a time in the sauna via the association’s Facebook page.

Rent a mobile sauna

If you’re on Fyn with friends and family and you all fancy a bracing dip in the sea followed by a baking hot sauna, you can rent a mobile sauna and then tow it to any stretch of water on the island. With a mobile sauna and the countless beaches on Fyn, you’ll have no problem putting together a winter experience to remember!

Cold Hawaii Vildmarksbad
Rent a mobile sauna with an authentic wilderness look. Collect the sauna from Comwell Middelfart. All you need is a car with a tow bar (1000 kg, with brakes) and wood to fire up the sauna – and “Hey, Presto!” a different kind of activity for everyone to enjoy.
Fuglsang sauna og friluftsliv
Fuglsang sauna & friluftsliv is a voluntary association that operates a mobile sauna by the beach at Tørresø in North Fyn. The sauna wagon has received rave reviews and is also available for private functions, so don’t miss this chance to create your own winter swimming club for a day or two!