Cyklister Fyns Hoved

Cycling holiday on Fyn and the surrounding islands

Cykling Faaborg

Looking for authentic cycle-hygge? Then come to Fyn!

(OK, we made the word up ourselves, but come on over and find out how accurate it is!) Fully 1,200 km of signposted cycle routes give cyclists of all shapes, sizes and ages the chance to head out into the blue.




Swinging into the saddle is the best way to explore the highways and byways of our wonderful island and to experience the best of the best on Fyn.

Fyn's cycling landscape from north to south

Routes close to the coast, nice shopping towns with good eateries, hilly country roads that alternate between forests and fields. Ferry routes to the small islands. Here is our detailed recipe for our unforgettable Bike Island vacation.

Enjoy the Fyn section of the Baltic Sea Route

The Baltic Sea Route is the longest national cycle route in Denmark. It runs across the south of Denmark and is linked together by no fewer than five ferry connections and eight bridges. The entire route is 820 km long, and 220 of these make their way through the delightful countryside of ...

There are rides to challenge top-trained athletes, less demanding routes for little legs, and some “down and dirty” stretches for committed off-roaders.

See the cycle routes on Fyn and download them to your smartphone

A good hint for cycling on Fyn:

Pull off the motorway, park the car, unpack your bike and lose your way on purpose!

Keep-fit cycling events on Fyn

Mountainbiking Fyn - nature experiences at a high pace


Do you get high on muddy descents and solid adrenaline kicks? Then head for Fyn and the surrounding islands to find a wealth of marked mountain bike trails.

Mountain bike trails on Fyn

Fyn offers lots of cool tracks with challenges for the experienced mountain bikers and light routes for the new ones. Many of the tracks are constantl...

Ten tips for your first mountain bike ride

An action-packed ride through the woods is a real treat. However, if it is your first time, it is best to prepare properly before pitting your wits an...

Mountain Bike Rentals on Fyn

Are you looking for a place on Fyn to rent a good quality mountain bike? Have a look at this list where we have gathered mountain bike rentals located...

Mountain bike rides and races on Fyn

Mountain bikers don’t let the changing seasons keep them out of the saddle, and there are challenging and exciting MTB rides to tackle on Fyn all year...

Cycle Tour Packages to Fyn

No matter whether you are looking for a long cycling holiday or just a single day in the saddle, Fyn has routes to match your preferences.

Bike Friends – A helping hand on your cycling holiday

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a puncture, or find yourself with an empty water bottle (again!) it’s good to know that there’s a Bike Friend nearby with just what you need to continue your wonderful cycling holiday on Fyn.

Bike-Friendly accommodation

All accommodations on the list are Bed & Bike certified. This means you can be sure of getting your bike in a locked shed, pumping your tires and borrowing tools for any repairs.

Rent a bike for your holiday on Fyn – right here!

Rent a top-tuned bike for your vacation. Then you can let the old one enjoy a holiday at home.

Six great places for coffee

Cycling and coffee have always enjoyed a special bond. We’ve put together a list of great places on Fyn where you can fill up with a delicious cup of coffee before your bike ride.

Luggage transport – cycling holidays without the baggage.

On Fyn, you can have your luggage transported from one accommodation to the next. Click here for prices and to book.