The Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Enjoy one of Denmark's most beautiful cycling routes - the 820 km long Baltic Sea Cycle Route, which shows you South Denmark from the most picturesque angle - from the coast.

Facts about the Baltic Sea Cycle Route:

  • Length of the route: 820 km.
  • Characteristics and difficulty: Coastal route in light to medium difficulty. The route is divided into 14 stages in the guidebook.
  • Elevation profile: Slightly hilly terrain on South Fyn near Faaborg and on Ærø. There are some slight differences in height, but the ride can easily be done by families with children and seniors.
  • Surface: The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is almost exclusively ridden on asphalted B-roads (minor roads) and cycle paths. Through forests and near the coast some roads are gravelled, but still perfect for cycling on. When the route reaches roads with heavy traffic, there are separate cycle paths. In the towns, you will cycle primarily on cycle paths.
  • Signage: The signs along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route are blue with a white line drawing of a bicycle and ‘Østersøruten’ written in text. The number 8 in a red box relates to the number in the National Cycling Route Network of Denmark. A sign without arrows means you carry on straight ahead
  • Season: It is recommended to drive on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route in the period May-September. 
  • Weather conditions: Summer in Denmark can be anything from 25 degrees and sun to cool and windy weather with rain. So pack the bag for all kinds of weather.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route invites you on a 820 kilometers bicycle trip along the coast in southern Denmark.

Six of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route's fourteen stages include Fyn and the Islands, where you are led through a unique landscape that was formed for approx. 15,000 years ago by the glaciers of the Ice Age. As the ice melted, Fyn's slightly hilly landscape emerged, perfect for bike rides.

Fyn is Denmark's third largest island and is located exactly in the middle of the country. The Baltic Sea Cycle Route on Fyn passes by golden fields, leafy green forests and of course along the coast, where there are several places overlooking the archipelago. In other words, you can always treat yourself with an refreshing evening dip after a long day in the saddle.

On the route you will pass small towns and villages, castles and manor houses, vineyards and farm shops. The route takes you to towns such as Middelfart, Assens, Ærøskøbing, Rudkøbing, Nyborg, Svendborg and Faaborg, which are charming with their small alleys, half-timbered houses, cozy shops, cafes, restaurants and lively harbor environments.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is clearly signposted and follows smaller roads and cycle paths so you can feel safe as a cyclist.

Practical information

Preparation is crucial when you plan to go on a longer bikeride such as the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. Therefore, in collaboration with the other destinations of the route, we have created a guidebook and an interactive map that you can use in your planning.