Dronefoto af to vandrere på en sti med en gul rapsmark på den ene side og blåt hav på den anden side.

Hiking trails on Fyn

Photo: Camilla Hylleberg Photography

We have lots of hiking routes on Fyn for all of us who loves to walk. You can find a route near you, or get inspired by the highlights - our take on the best hiking routes and trails on Fyn and the surrounding islands.


Do you need some inspiration for your next hiking trip? We have browsed the archives and asked all of our best hiking-buddies and settled on these highlights divided into five categories.


And remember – there are many more hiking routes on Fyn and the surrounding islands, so please do browse further on your own, if you don’t find the right one among the highlights.

Looking for even more tracks and paths in the forest for a lovely walk?

Take a look at out list of forests on Fyn and the surrounding islands right here.