vandring på øhavsstien

Books, maps and films about the Archipelago Trail

Photo: Destination Fyn

Find much more information about the Archipelago Trail right here – you can find the 7 maps of the different parts of the trail, the guidebook and videos from the trail.

The adventure starts with a single step

Photo: Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav

The Archipelago Trail

The guidebook about the Archipelago Trail is a must-have, if you love to hike. You can read about the nature and landscape along the hike, but also stories about buildings, the big influence of seafaring, the small market towns’ monopoly on trade and many more stories which have shaped the Archipelago over time.


Guidebook of the Archipelago Trail


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Maps of the Archipelago Trail

Get the overview of the 7 separate maps of the Archipelago Trail and find the perfect route for you.

Map 1

Falsled - Faaborg - Fjællebroen

Map 2

Fjællebroen - Egebjerg Bakker - Svendborg

Map 3

Svendborg - Broholm - Lundeborg

Map 4

Svendborg - Troense - Rudkøbing

Find more inspiration for hiking on Fyn right here.

Map 5

Lohals - Tranekær - Stengade Strand

Map 6

Stengade Strand - Rudkøbing - Henninge Nor

Map 7

Marstal - Ærøskøbing - Søby

Are you hiking with kids?

You can find a whole section about hiking with kids in the guidebook. Read about what equipment to bring when hiking with the little ones, ideas for kid-friendly activities and kid-friendly routes on the Archipelago Trail.