Erik's Oasis

In Odense, the biggest city on Funen, you can visit Erik's Oasis. The garden is full of botanical diversity. The garden has been lanscaped with inspiration from many other gardens that the owner has visited through the years. Because of this, there are not just one style in the garden. The garden is a vast sea of many different garden styles.

You can among other things experience a collection of fuchsias. You can also see a beautiful collection of fragrant lilies. The greenhouse in the garden holds a total of 100 different types of geraniums.

Take a stroll through the garden and enjoy the many different plants and flowers. If you need to rest on your way or just want to take in the scenery, you can take a break on one of the many benches and seats. Here you can enjoy the view while also enjoying a nice cup of coffee or maybe a quick bite to eat.

You will encounter many different perennials on your stroll through the garden. If you are lucky, maybe you can buy your favourite plant in the little nursery of the garden. The owners divide their perennials and sell the left overs to favourable prices. You can buy plants like geraniums, lilies, hostas and hydrangeas.

If you want to know more about the garden and the opening hours, please visit the website (note that the website is in Danish).

Find the garden: Blangstedgårdsvej 85, 5220 Odense SØ

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