Cyklister på strand

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Photo: Destination Fyn

The signed cycling route takes you around the beautiful coastline of Fyn. You can ride along 220 km of the 820-km-long Baltic Route that covers the whole of South Denmark, presenting a series of the finest attractions in the country.



Length: 220 km

Coastal route, fun route, easy to moderately difficult, family route, racer route.

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A cycle ride along the coast of Fyn with a wonderful view of the archipelago and a host of fascinating landscapes and natural features. You can start the trip from many different places: in the north of Fyn, where the Little Belt Bridge from Jutland connects to the island at Middelfart; in the western part of the island near the harbour town of Bøjden – if you are arriving by ferry from the island of Als.

Another option from Als is to sail to Ærø and then take the ferry from there to Fyn. You can also start the ride on Langeland if you are arriving from Lolland on the Spodsbjerg–Tårs ferry. Finally, you can choose to start in the city of Nyborg if you are arriving by train or car from Zealand on the other side of the Great Belt. There are all kinds of places to stay along the route, and a lot of hotels and B&Bs on Fyn are “Bed&Bike” certified, which means they pay special attention to the needs of their cycling guests.

Godt begyndt er halvt fuldendt

Forberedelse er altafgørende, når man planlægger at tage ud på en lang cykelrute som Østersøruten. Derfor har vi i samarbejde med rutens andre destinationer skabt en guidebog og et interaktivt kort, som du kan bruge i din planlægning.

Download den komplette rejseguide inkl. kort

Hent den komplette rejseguide for Østersøruten som pdf og print de sider, som giver mening i forhold til din rejseplanlægning. Guidenbogen fra 2020 indeholder også anbefalinger til oplevelser undervejs, samt kort hvor interessepunkter er angivet.

Hent Østersøruten til din telefon

Her kan du få et overblik over hele Østersøruten på et interaktivt kort  og downloade til din mobiltelefon. Klik på de små cirkler i firkanten øverst i højre hjørne. Her kan du tilpasse søgningen og få et overblik over overnatningssteder, attraktioner, Bike Friends mm. på ruten.

Suitable for:
Travel bikes and trekking bikes, family rides (with children) divided into several stages, racing bikes

About the route:
The route winds its way through the landscapes of Fyn, which were shaped around 15,000 years ago by ice age glaciers. When the ice melted approx. 8,000–10,000 years ago, it left behind this distinctive, gently hilly landscape. Fyn is the third-largest island in Denmark; it is located in the centre of the country and in many places the route runs alongside the coast itself. You are likely to encounter a gentle breeze in most places, and you will be riding past fields, woodland and stretches of beach. As you ride, you will pass small towns and villages, manor houses, a host of farm shops, small harbours and a range of market towns including Middelfart, Assens, Ærøskøbing, Rudkøbing, Nyborg, Svendborg and Faaborg. It is easy to fall for the charm of these towns with their winding streets, timber-framed houses, neat little shops, charming cafés, restaurants and thriving harbour settings. Baltic Sea Route N8 follows minor roads, paths and trails, so you can feel safe as a cyclist.


Slightly hilly stretches in the south of the island around Faaborg. There are a few gentle climbs, but the route should not present any problems for families with children, inexperienced cyclists or pensioners.

Sights and attractions:

East Fyn
On the coast of the Great Belt stands Nyborg, a small harbour town with a delightful atmosphere, great shops and a beautiful beach. Attractions here include Nyborg Castle, which played a key role in the Middle Ages and is the oldest preserved royal residence in Denmark today. A visit to Nyborg Distillery is also highly recommended. From here, the route runs south towards Lundeborg Harbour.

On the way there, you will pass beautiful Broholm Palace, where Hans Christian Andersen lived part of his life. Nowadays, Broholm Palace is a hotel with a fine restaurant. When you continue on your way, make sure to plan a stop at the charming marina in Lundeborg, where there are all kinds of restaurants and an attractive beach.

Towards South Fyn
As you head towards Svendborg, you will pass a series of country manors and small timber-framed houses nestling comfortably among the fields and coastal roads. The route also leads past vineyards including Skaarupøre Vingaard, Svendborg Vingaard and the Aqua Vitae distillery, where it is tempting to take a break to sample the luscious libations. The harbour town of Svendborg is located on the shores of Svendborg Sound, where ferries sail to the small islands of Skarø and Drejø, for example, as well as to the larger island of Ærø – where the route continues.

It is well worth taking the time to visit Valdemars Slot (Castle) on Tåsinge, and there is every reason to stop for a while in the centre of Svendborg or down by the harbour. From Svendborg, the route follows the coast – with magnificent views of the South Fyn Archipelago – to Faaborg: a quaint little market town liberally sprinkled with timber-framed buildings. From here, ferries sail to the small islands of Avernakø, Lyø and Bjørnø, as well as to Ærø. Faaborg is also home to the architectural gem that is Faaborg Museum, which is home to a wealth of wonderful paintings by the famous Fynbo artists and also hosts exhibitions of more contemporary works.

We strongly recommended that you make a detour to visit the biggest attraction on the island – Egeskov Castle, which happens to be in the area.

Towards West Fyn

The trip continues along the coast, following pretty lanes and minor roads to Assens, where the delightful Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) is well worth a visit. Assens is famous for its maritime ambience, charming little streets and an excellent selection of cafés, concert venues and shops. The last market town on the route is Middelfart, where you have the chance to view the surrounding area from on high by climbing to the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge. This is actually the only place in the world apart from Sydney in Australia where you can try bridge walking 60 metres above sea level. In addition to this, Middelfart presents a delightful town environment, beautiful countryside and lovely beaches. For example, visit the Hindsgavl peninsula, which is home to a large herd of red and doe deer.

In addition …
There are all kinds of combinations to try on Fyn. In many places, you can combine the cycle ride with a sailing trip on the sea, or simply relaxing or strolling on the beach. There are also plenty of opportunities to take breaks en route, as well as all kinds of exciting museums, sights and attractions to visit. And, of course, you can call in at the farm shops, vineyards, dairies and local breweries you pass as you ride to take a little break, stretch your legs and sample the wares.

The 900-km-long Baltic Sea Route covers the whole of South Denmark, showcasing a series of the finest attractions in the country. A large section of this route follows the coastline of Fyn, giving you the chance to experience the Danish countryside at its impressive best. Wherever you go on the island, you will find signposted cycle routes linking the towns and cities via a finely meshed network of cyclist-friendly roads, paths and trails.