Fynske fiskepladser - fiskeri hele året rundt

Angling on Fyn

Fiskeri lystfiskeri Fyn

Get prepared..

Find inspiration for your next fishing trip – together with Havørred Fyn (Seatrout Fyn) and the tourist agencies of Fyn we show you the best angling spots and give you tips and tricks. Have fun!

Angling all year round

Photo: Destination Fyn

Where to?

Where are the best fishing spots? Where can you angle for free? Where do you buy equipment? Get the answers to this and much more right here!

Angling near Svendborg

Angling with variation – the many reefs, the open coasts, the furrows in the seabed and of course the many islands.

Angling in the Little Belt

Deep and current filled waters as well as shallow coasts. This makes the Little Belt an interesting angle destination and you can fish all year round.

Angling in the Great Belt

The Great Belt is filled with fish, so come to Nyborg and a make a great catch.

Angling near Kerteminde

Kerteminde offers some of the most varied and challenging angling in Denmark. You can angle all year round.

Angling on Langeland

Langeland is one of the most fish rich areas in Denmark – there is enough fish for everyone.

Angling in Odense River

The union of Odense Å (Odense river) guides you on where you can fish along the river.

Angling on Ærø

No matter the weather, you can always find a great fishing spot on Ærø. Is the weather changes, you can quickly find a new spot!

Angling near Faaborg

The coast of Faaborg offers unique fishing spots. The short distances makes it easy to change when the weather changes.

Angling near Assens

The western waters are perfect for sea trout angling! With a 85 km stretch of coast, there a lots of spots to choose from.

Angling on North Funen

On the northern part of Fyn there are 80 km of coastal water filled with sea trouts, garfish, grey mullets and mackerels.

Get the answers to all of your questions!

.. at Sea Trout Fyn! Read about angle rules in Denmark. Find certified accommodation for anglers. Get tips for planning – what equipment to remember and what to pay special attention to. And of course, read much more about the sea trout!

Martin anbefaler: Her fanger du Fyns fineste havørreder

Havørred Fyn

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