En mor går med en lille pige i hånden og sopper i vandet langs strandkanten.

Wonderful beaches on Fyn and the Islands

Photo: Destination Fyn

While conditions vary greatly from place to place around Fyn and the Islands, the swimming water is always top quality. Fyn and the Islands have fully 1,100 km of coastline featuring a string of truly delightful beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful.

Christiansminde in Svendborg

This excellent beach is located east of Svendborg – within easy walking or cycling distance of the city. A good way to get there is to follow the path alongside the water and past the rowing club. The beach is very popular, attracting both young people and families with children from morning to evening. The view is magnificent, making the beach the perfect setting for picnics and barbecues. The water is delightful and there is a jetty where the famous vintage steamer Helge ties up. The beach is perfect for ball games, and facilities include a mini-golf course and playground. The nearby kiosk is famous for its giant soft ices.

Strand set ovenfra med lyst sand og blåt og turkis vand.

Photo:Destination Fyn

Hasmark Strand

The beach at Hasmark Strand extends over several kilometres, from Enebærodde in the east to Jørgensø Strand to the west. It is a delightful, child-friendly beach with shallow water and plenty of fine sand. Next to the campsite lies a wonderful beach oasis that is the perfect place to have a picnic. In addition, there are changing rooms and playgrounds nearby.

Grafik som viser muligheder på Hasmark strand på Nordfyn.

Photo:Destination Fyn

Nordstranden in Kerteminde

Nordstranden (the north beach) is the most popular in Kerteminde. It attracts both young people and families. The beach is especially popular with families with young children because of the shallow water. If you get hungry while lying on the beach, there is a kiosk. You can also play a game at the mini-golf course. There are also a wooden pier, beach volley and hand ball facilities and toilets.

En dronebillede af en strand. Til venstre ses grønt græs. I midten er sand. Til højre er havet.

Photo:Destination Fyn

Vesterstrand on Ærø

Vesterstrand at Ærøskøbing on Ærø is without a doubt one of the best beaches on the island. You can of course go for a swim, but the beach is also worth a visit just to see the beautiful nature and iconic beach houses. The beach is child-friendly and there is a wooden pier at the beginning of the beach.

vesterstrand ærø strand fyn

Photo:Destination Fyn

Fyns Badestrand in Nyborg

A magnificent, large beach that was established when the West Bridge over the Great Belt was built. It is a beautiful sandy beach, bordered by clear water and with the sandy seabed continuing a little farther out. You do not need to wade out far before the water is deep enough for a good swim. The large volume of water flowing through the Great Belt ensures that the bathing water here is always clean and clear. If you prefer not to wear a bathing costume, please keep to the outermost 150 metres of the beach – closest to the bridge. Lifeguards are on duty between 10.00  and 18.00 in the summer months, keeping a watchful eye on the beach and water from their towers.

Strand set ovenfra med lyst sand og grønligt vand.

Photo:Destination Fyn

Ristinge Strand on Langeland

A little farther to the south – on Langeland – you will find the famous Ristinge Beach, which is one of the very best places to swim in the region. Well-known for its beautiful countryside with 30-metre dunes, for example, it is also a great place to hunt for fossils. Combine your visit to the beach with another countryside treat: pick up fascinating stones to add to your collection at home, or simply to admire in the car during the return journey.

Luftfoto af en hvid sandstrand ud til tyrkisblåt vand

Photo:Destination Fyn

Bogense Søbad

The modern sea bath in Bogense is at the end of the habour and is the perfect place for people who loves to swim and play in the water. If you want some exercise, you can swim to the raft, which is located a good distance out in the water. There are changing rooms and toilets. At the nearby beach you can enjoy life on a blanket on the sand.

5 børn er på og omkring en floatee i vandet.

Photo:Knud Mortensen

Drejet in Faaborg

Drejet beach is located in Dyreborg - the southestern corner of Horne Land 6 km from Faaborg. The place is idyllic with forrest and beach combined. There is a lovely public sand beach with easy parking.

dyreborg drejet faaborg strand fyn

Photo:Destination Fyn

Vejlby Fed in Middelfart

The beach at Vejlby Fed is perfect for children. It is a fine sandy beach bordered by shallow water. There are benches and tables at the beach, as well as a jetty. Other facilities include a public car park and a kiosk, and visitors can use the playground and pétanque court at the nearby campsite for a small fee.

vejlby fed middelfart strand fyn

Photo:Destination Fyn

Feddet in Assens

A wonderful and broad beach, where the seabed is primarily sandy. The beach is around 430 m long and approx. 20 m wide. The water in the bathing area is shallow and perfect for children, and there are no jetties. Feddet borders the waters of the Little Belt, so you may sometimes encounter large waves here.

Luftfoto af feddet ved Assens Strand.

Photo:Destination Fyn