En kvinde og en mand cykler på en cykelsti langs vandet i solskinsvejr. I baggrunden er den gamle lillebæltsbro.

Shortcuts and bonus trips on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Photo: Jonas Legarth

Whether you are in search of a shortcut og a cultural detour, there are lots of interesting options in continuation of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. 


Stage 1 of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route invites you to Ærø by ferry from Sønderborg and further on to Svendborg (or vice versa). But there is actually a fantastic alternative to this ferry route: ÆrøExpressen, which sails between Rudkøbing on Langeland to Marstal on Ærø.

If you take this shortcut, you will see a completely different part of Ærø. On top of that you save a few kilometers on the bike by "skipping" Tåsinge and Siø.

If you end up falling in love with Ærø - which is a very common crush - you can stay on the island another day and go for a bike trip all the way around Ærø. The trip is available in two versions of 60 and 100 kilometers.



The island Langeland is no less than 52 kilometers long. Thus, it also makes good sense to dedicate a little extra time to explore the length of the island - and not just on the 9 pleasant kilometers across from Rudkøbing to Spodsbjerg, as the Baltic Sea Cycle Route suggests.

Whether you want to go north towards the historic Tranekær or south to the popular Ristinge Beach and the wild horses, is entirely up to you. There are plenty of opportunities - and with a limited car traffic, Langeland is fantastic to explore by bike.



From Denmarks first capital Nyborg, there are plenty of good bonus trips that you can head out on before you continue on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

The stretch along the coast from Nyborg to Kerteminde is extremely beautiful. And if you have energy for more,  we won't hesitate to recommend the route around the Hindsholm peninsula.



From the heart of Southern Fyn; Svendborg there are plenty of opportunities for interesting detours. Maybe you want to experience the pulse of the island Thurø, which you can reach by bridge from Svendborg. Or how about following "Frugtruten" (The Fruit Route), where you can taste the fresh apples, plums and cherries of Fyn and visit some of the many wineries.



The coastlines of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route are something that makes this particular national cycle route completely unique. That said, it can also be recommended to turn away from the coast and go further into the beautiful landscape. How about a bike ride to the picturesque Svanninge Bakker, an afternoon on the child-friendly bicycle path between Korinth and Ringe or a longer pass to the breathtaking Egeskov Castle?



Assens equals market town idyll, maritime history and beautiful nature. And if you do not want to give your own bike a break to take a ride on the old rail bikes on the track between Assens and Tommerup, then it is worth considering a trip to the peninsula Helnæs or go for at ride around to the many castles and mansions in the area.



The nature of the Little Belt is an experience that you shouldn't miss out on. So dedicate some time for "Marsvinruten" (The Whale Route) and experience the Little Belt from several angles. Maybe you are even lucky enough to experience some of the porpoises on your trip.