Odense ZOO - Fyns største attraktion

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Oh, no! It’s raining ...

Dear parents, No need to panic. Fyn is liberally sprinkled with entertaining activities for all the family to enjoy if the weather gods should be in a sulky mood. And now that we know one another so well, we feel we can drop the charade and admit that it does sometimes rain on Fyn …

Indendørs aktiviteter på Fyn for hele familien - Mor og datter på Egeskov Slot

Indoor family activities

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Exciting events for children
Dreng udklædt som Harry Potter til Magiske Dage i Odense
See the animals right up close at Odense Zoo
Odense ZOO - Fyns største attraktion
Wonderful beaches on Fyn and the Islands
Skønne badestrande på Fyn og Øerne
Thrilling ghost stories from the castles on Fyn
Spøgelse på de fynske slotte egeskov broholm hindsgavl
Follow the Hans Christian Andersen Trail
Følg Hans Christian Andersen Trail
Day trips in old wooden ships
Dagsture med gamle træskibe i havet omkring fyn