Svanninge Bakker

The nature on Fyn

Photo: Destination Fyn

So lovely, wavy and rugged. Take a deep breath and feel the calmness wash over you. We will guide you to nature experiences in all shapes and sizes. Must-see areas, overlooked gems and the most beautiful forests.

Nature experiences on Fyn

Fyn has something for every nature lover – regardless of whether you prefer the twittering of birds, colourful flowers or wild plants, or if you are simply looking for the perfect area of countryside for a bracing walk or a relaxed picnic. No matter what - these are great places to start:

Forests on Fyn

Take a look at some of the most beautful forests on Fyn and be inspired. Take a walk or cycle all year round and notice the seasons change - spring's new green leaves, summer's abundance of flowers and colors, autumn's many nuances of red, yellow and brown and winter's naked trees.

Overlooked nature gems

You might have head of Fyns Hoved or Svanninge Bakker, but Fyn also offers many smaller, and perhaps more overlooked nature experiences. Take a look and this and you might be inspired to take the road less travled.