Vinterbadning på Fyn, badebro med fodspor i sneen

Winter on Fyn

Photo: Colourbox

We can’t promise you snow, but we can guarantee all kinds of wonderful things to see and do, combined with authentic Fyn hygge.” Check out the ideas below to see for yourself how Fyn is fine all year round – including in winter.

Are you keen on full speed, frost and ice? Or are fluffy animals in their winter coats more to your taste? Or how about an afternoon indoors where it’s warm, spending quality time with friends and family ...? With so much on offer, it can be tough to choose!

Time to hit the ice!

In Odense Skating Hall, the ice is always solid and smooth. So lace on your skates, show off your skills and have fun with family and friends.

Winter Zoo

Odense Zoo is open all year, and in the winter you can (often without having to queue) enjoy the sight of the frisky animals playing happily in their warm winter coats.

Art and culture

The art museums on Fyn are always a pleasure when the temperature plummets. Step inside and experience a flood of sensory impressions and aesthetic delights.

Winter hygge on Fyn at its impressive best

Photo: Destination Fyn

Let’s turn up the “hyggemeter”!

Wine bars on Fyn

When the outside temperature plummets, there’s nothing quite like stepping inside where it’s warm and enjoying pleasant company and a glass of full-bo...

Follow the Fyn Chocolate Route

If your sweet tooth tends towards the elite, then the Fyn Chocolate Route is an absolute must for your next visit. The route takes you to chocolate ma...

SPIS! 27 Jan – 2 Feb

Experience the delights of Fyn cuisine when Odense Food Festival, in combination with a host of restaurants, serves up special SPIS! events and menus.

New Year’s Eve on Fyn

Celebrate the new year in style at one of these restaurants or hotels on Fyn. They invite you to join their celebration including delicious food, yumm...

Current art exhibitions during Winter

Photo: Destination Fyn

... and how about a refreshing swim?

Always a winner! It’s up to you whether you go swimming indoors or out ... Whatever you choose, there is no shortage of opportunities.

Winter swimming for the hardcore aficionados

On Fyn, there is every opportunity to go swimming in the winter – as long as there’s a hot sauna nearby. The stimulating chill of the water followed by the heat of the sauna produces a wonderful feeling of well-being that you owe it to yourself to experience.

Great Northern Spa

The preferred choice among true connoisseurs!

Summer houses, sand and saunas

Rent the perfect combination of winter delights.

Take the little ones swimming

Fyn has more than its fair share of swimming centres with hot water pools and plenty of room for fun and games.

Relaxation balcony in Klosterbakken Swimming Centre

An oasis of wellness at an extremely attractive price.

Explore the winter woodland on your mountain bike! The bare branches actually give you a better view of the trail, and a bit of mud on your bike proves you’ve been on a hardcore ride!

Winter is the perfect season for mountain biking! Click here for the best routes on Fyn

Photo: Bike Foto by O.J.