About the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark, comprising fully 220 km of hiking trails set against the backdrop of the South Fyn Archipelago. The route follows all kinds of highways and byways, providing a fine introduction to a cultural landscape distinguished by delightful areas of countryside, manor houses, villages and market towns. Enjoy the different views out over the archipelago, soak up the special atmosphere in the charming little island communities, and experience an internationally recognised bird habitat.

The Archipelago Trail is a network of paths primarily intended for hikers and ramblers. The entire route is signposted with poles bearing blue pictograms of a hiker.

On these pages, you can find out much more about the origins of the landscape and the countryside features you will encounter, find maps and details of accommodation options close to the trail, pick up inspiration for routes of different lengths, and read about guided tours and holiday packages.

Øhavsstien udsigt til Svendborgsund

The Archipelago Trail is divided into seven sections, each described in a separate folder.

The folders provide information about the sights to see en route, contain a detailed map of the relevant section, and present useful practical information.

  1. Faldsled – Svanninge Bakker – Faaborg – Fjællebroen
  2. Fjællebroen – Egebjerg Bakker – Svendborg
  3. Svendborg – Broholm – Lundeborg
  4. Svendborg – Tåsinge – Siø – Rudkøbing
  5. Lohals – Tranekær – Stengade Strand
  6. Stengade Strand – Rudkøbing – Henninge Nor
  7. Marstal – Ærøskøbing – Søby

See the folders here. 

Vandrere paa Oehavsstien

A Guide to the Archipelago Trail

A 180-page guide to the Archipelago Trail has been published, and you can buy your copy here.

Can also read more about The South Fyn Archipelago here.

Walking holidays on the Archipelago Trail

On account of its length, the Archipelago Trail is best explored on trips including one or more nights’ accommodation. A fit and experienced hiker should be able to complete the full distance in nine days. Most hikers, however, prefer to choose a single stretch of the route and to combine it with a couple of overnight stays. If you would like to go on a walking holiday along the Archipelago Trail, you can buy package tours including luggage transport – so you can devote all your energy to enjoying the trip. Click here for details.

Consideration, tips and advice

You are more than welcome to walk in the countryside, but please show consideration. Study our tips and advice before starting out, and read about the considerations intended to ensure that everyone enjoys the best experience. Click here for details.

The Archipelago Trail was established by Naturturisme I/S on the basis of an excellent working relationship between the four local authorities the trail passes through, the 150 or so property owners who have made land available for the trail, and Naturturisme I/S itself.

Enjoy your hike!

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How the South Fyn Archipelago was created

Det Sydfynske Øhav

Flora along the Archipelago Trail

Judasøre - planteliv på øhavsstien

The Archipelago Trail is rich in flora. Find out more about what you can see along the way.

The hills

Oplev Svanninge bjerge på Øhavsstien

In the hills of Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge near Faaborg, you can walk in a landscape carved out by the ice during the last ice age, somewhere between 16,000 and 21,000 years ago. Sand, gravel and clay piled up between the huge masses of ice, forming hills and mountains. Meltwater and rain subsequently cut valleys and gorges into the hills.

These natural forces shaped the unique landscape of steep slopes and deep gorges we can see today in the Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge areas.

For details, visit the Danish Nature Agency website.

For details, visit the Svanninge Bjerge website.

The coast and the islands

 Kysten og øerne på sydfyn - øhavsstien


biggest flooded ice age landscape in the world – only the peaks of the highest hills rise up from the sea to form islands, while the water covers a host of settlements and areas of woodland. The shallow water has created a special, varied stretch of coastal countryside in the area. Find a guide to show you around the islands.


Shipping has unsurprisingly had a major influence on the archipelago, which is clearly reflected in the market towns, the ‘skipper towns’ and the dense concentration of manor houses. The South Fyn Archipelago has been designated a Natura2000 area. For additional information, visit the Danish Nature Agency website.

Other things to see and do in the South Fyn Archipelago

Ridetur i det Sydfynske Øhav ved øhavsstien

Would you like to round off a day’s hiking with a beach safari or a culinary tour of the town? Click here for information about a host of other fascinating things to see and do in the region.