The children's fairytale island

The children's fairytale island

Fyn is the ideal place for families with children: Child-friendly beaches in all directions, camping sites with water parks, playgrounds and lots of activities for children and families. On Fyn, everything is within a reasonable distance, so forget about the 'when-are-we-going-to-be-there' questions from the back seat because the answer is always 'in just a moment'.

Fairytale island

How does it look inside one of the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen? Inside the children’s cultural house The Tinderbox, you can dive down into the realm of the Sea King, where the Little Mermaid lives. You can dress up as a mermaid, a witch or a prince and make up your own fairytales, with you playing the lead. You can also play dress-up at the Period Collection (Tidens Samling) in clothes from the time your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were kids. And you can play with toys from the old days.

Play your own fairytale

The children’s cultural house The Tinderbox is a cultural house for children, youth and adults. It conveys Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales through retelling, art and drama activities.

The old days

The old days – Fyn back in the 1800s

Oplev en landsby fra H.C. Andersens tid.

Experience Fyn

Are you wild about animals? Then you’re sure to love Fyn. Big predators, farmyard animals, pets, reptiles and stuffed animals – all within an hour’s drive. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to head off on a great Fyn safari!

The children's fairytale island


Taking a trip to the Odense ZOO is a must. Continue the expedition among seals and porpoises at Fjord & Belt, look a moose in the eye at Naturama and enjoy the sight of wild horses on Langeland.

Fun for live wires

Fun for live wires

You can get sweat on your forehead and be completely out of breath from all the fun things you can do on Fyn: Sail, bike, climb and go on adventures in the great castles. 

Odense ZOO – Voted best in Europe

Odense ZOO is one of the most popular attractions of all on Fyn.

Go to the beach

Go to the beach – and get soaking wet

Do you like getting sand between your toes, and are you ready for a refreshing dip? The beach water around Fyn is excellent, and in most places the water level is fairly low and ideal for playing and splashing. But you can also go surfing, sailing, winter bathing and much more. So get out your inner playfulness and inflate the water toys and go out to the coast to some of the very unique Fyn beaches. Healthy holiday entertainment for children and adults.


Experience nature and animals along Odense Fjord

Book a naturebox filled with books and equipment for a day in the open. The box contains everything needed to cook using natures own produce and explore plants and wildlife near Odense Fjord


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