The producers – Who stands behind them?

There are a great number of producers on Fyn: Wendorff, Løgismose, Grambogård, Alfred & KathrineKonnerup & Co and many more. They all represent quality products from Fyn. 

Smagen af Fyn – The Taste of Fyn

Smagen af Fyn is an organisation in which the members create a framework for networking and cooperation between food producers, restaurants, dealers and users on Fyn – and the rest of the country. Their purpose is to continue to develop a deliberate and visible food culture on Fyn and to bring the plethora of Funen quality food products out to consumers, particularly on Fyn, and the Fyn restaurants and eateries, including institutions.

The vision behind the cooperation of the Smagen af Fyn is nothing short of a Fyn food revolution!

Smagen af Fyn wants to achieve:

... that Fyn has a huge selection of locally produced top-quality food products, which are available on Fyn and which constitute a high percentage of the goods on the shelves of the Fyn food retailers and in the Fyn eateries.

... that the people of Fyn are well acquainted with and have a great deal of knowledge about the quality and scope of locally produced food products, and that they exhibit their satisfaction with and pride over them.

... that the consumption of the people of Fyn includes a very high proportion of the locally produced, quality food products.

... that the Fyn food producers have large local sales of quality food products.

Please see the complete list of members of "Smagen af Fyn" here.

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Some of the producers – on the internet