Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery on Fyn

In the heart of Denmark lies the green island of Fyn, which Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery show was delighted to visit. Tareq has tasted and prepared the finest dishes the island can boast, and has visited some of the most beautiful stretches of countryside on Fyn – as well as the fairytale Egeskov Castle and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

Browse the site and check out the recipes for the dishes you can see on the Nordic Cookery show. Draw inspiration from a night at an authentic Fyn castle, and find out more about the high-quality foods for which the island is rightly famous.

Tareq Taylor visits Fyn

Castle holiday on Fyn – history and luxury

Fynian castles and manor houses with the possibility of accommodation.


Egeskov – packed with things to see and do

Egeskov is one of the biggest attractions on Fyn. 

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The birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen and Fyn

You cannot say Fyn without also saying Hans Christian Andersen. And when you visit Fyn, you will see clearly where he got his inspiration for so many of his famous fairytales.

Fynske høstfester - året rundt

Food and harvest festivals on Fyn

Every year, the cities of Fyn have a number of festivals with food as their main theme. And what could be cosier than gathering around some of the fresh, tasty, locally produced delicacies? 

Culinary Fyn

Try the taste of culinary Fyn

The rich soil of Fyn is the foundation for excellent foods.  And there are plenty of opportunities to experience the "taste of Fyn" at the many food markets and festivals.

Tareq's personal opinion on Fyn