Checklist: How to plan the perfect hiking holiday

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Are you dreaming of going on a holiday filled with beautiful nature and time for both serenity and exercise? Go on a hiking holiday! And don’t worry if the planning seems a bit overwhelming – we present to you: ten useful steps when planning a hiking holiday.

Step #1: Where are you going?

What do you want to experience? A trip with lots of nature, or perhaps a trip with breaks in the cosy small market towns? Or are you dreaming of exploring the islands in the archipelago? Or what about a hike along a piece of the 1.100 kilometers long coastline of Fyn and the surrounding islands?

Luckily, on Fyn and the surrounding islands we have lots of hiking trails and routes that wind their way through the beautiful nature.

On the 220 km long Archipelago Trail you can experience lots of varied nature, numerous castles and manor houses (actually we have 123 in total on Fyn and the islands), calm villages and atmospheric small market towns.

Step #2: How far do you want to hike?

Listen up, this is important! The length of the routes in total and the individual days. It takes longer to walk routes with rough and rugged areas and streams. Of course, the weather also plays a crucial role.

Untrained people will typically be able to walk 3-5 km/h unless the terrain is rough. A rule of thumb is to hike 18-24 km a day.   

Even though we don’t have high mountains here in Denmark, we have lots of hills and altitudes that shift between increasing and decreasing over a long distance – so be aware that it adds up over time.

If you’ve never planned a hiking holiday before, perhaps you can find inspiration from these hiking package trips.

Step #3: More than just a hike

A hiking holiday can include much more than just hiking. Especially if you have kids it is a good idea to plan other activities.

For example it could be a trip to Egeskov, NaturamaFjord og BæltOdense ZOOMarstal Søfartsmuseum or Den Fynske Landsby. Explore the many exciting things to do on Fyn right here. If you have decided on where you are going, you can find more inspiration on what to do in the towns on Fyn right here.

Step #4: Insider tip – One day trips

A great trick to make the planning easier is one day trips. You choose a fixed base to return to at the end of each hike. This can limit the number of possible routes, but in return you get flexibility to change your plans from day to day.

This type of hiking holiday can be especially great for beginners and families with children. Every parent knows that having children makes everything more unpredictable, which makes flexibility especially important.

Do you need to know more about planning a family-friendly hiking trip? Take a look at our customized checklist for families with children.

Step #5: How do you want to spend the night?

Shelter, camp site, hotel, B&B, hostel, or an inn? When you know where you are going, you can start planning where to sleep.

Are you looking for accommodation along the Archipelago Trail? There are plenty of hotels, B&B’s, inns and camp sites near the trail.

Or are you dreaming of spending the night in a shelter? On you can find the right one for you and even book in advance.

Is a primitive camp site more your thing, you can check out Here you can also find even more shelters.

Still in the need of finding the right accommodation? Check out these nature camp sites, as well as all of our accommodation on Fyn and the surrounding islands. Last but not last, you can look at Naturstyrelsen’s list of camp sites.

Step #6: Insider tip – Detailed maps

You can use your phone as a GPS, but there are something quite special about tracing your route on a real map. Plus, the map in paper-form dosn’t run out of power. The trick is: the more details, the better. This minimises the risk of going the wrong way.

Trace each individual route on separate maps. You can do it here or you can use My Maps in Google Maps. Or you can look for maps in the local bookstore.

Find the seven detailed maps of the Archipelago Trail right here. You can also find the folders at the local tourist agencies.

If you want further information, you can buy the guidebook. In this you can read about hiking with kids, ideas for family-friendly activities during the hike and family-friendly stretches of the Archipelago Trail.

Step #6: Transportation before, during and after

By bus, train or car – the options are practically endless. If you are staying at the same place during your hiking holiday, it is easy to take the car.

However, if you start one place and end the hike in another, it is usually easier to take a taxi or use public transportation. Use Rejseplanen to see the best way to get from one place to another by bus or train.

If you want luggage transportation, you can see the possibilities here – you can also get information about ferries, if you want to visit one of our beautiful and cosy islands.

Bonus tip! - For those who want to take the car

Put your bike on the back of your car and start by placing the bike at the end of the hike. Drive to the starting point and leave your car. We recommend choosing a place with a restaurant. That way you can end the hike with a lovely meal. Then just hop on your bike, go back to where you left your car, put your bike back on the car and go get the rest of the hiking-gang. Clever, isn’t it?

Step #8: For the nervous beginner – package deals and guided hiking tours

If you’re not quite ready to venture out on your own, luckily, we have options for you. You can for example start with a shorter guided hiking tour.

You can also book a planned hiking holiday as a package deal. This way you get all the amazing experiences without having to lift a finger in planning the route, where to stay and transportation.

Step #9: Do's and don'ts on the hiking trip

When you are walking in nature, you must do it without leaving a trace. We have gathered some tips and tricks for how to behave on the hiking trip.

Step #10: Packing – less is more

Perhaps you know the saying “Less is more” – this is a good way of thinking about packing for you hiking trip. We have gathered some tips right here if packing seems a bit overwhelming.

But wait! What about the families with small children?

Don’t worry, we are wat ahead of you. We have made a separate check list for those of you who are planning a hiking holiday with children.

You can find it right here. Have fun planning and enjoy your hiking holiday!