Ærøfærgen på havet i solnedgang

The Archipelago

Island hop til you drop

Have you ever dreamed of unplugging and moving to an island? Close to nature and in a simple lifestyle? Taste the dream - go island-hopping in the South Funen Archipelago.


Island hop in the South Funen Archipelago

Photo: Kasper Orthmann Andersen

12 inevitable islands

These South Funen islands are a must if you are into fantastic nature experiences, exciting cultural history as well as warm and friendly islanders.


Go to Avernakø and experience stunning nature. Take your fishing pole with you and try to catch a fish or two.


Walk all around the island in a couple of hours, but stay longer to explore the island and nature. Bjørnø is the perfect place for hiking.


On Bågø you can experience a rich bird life and beautiful nature. Take a walk and explore the island.


Drejø is a habitat for the beautiful white fallow deer. The island invites you to enjoy beautiful nature, scenic hiking trails, cozy villiage idyll an...


Go to Hjortø, if you want unique nature experiences and to experience total serenity. There are no shops or restaurant on the island. Visiting this sm...


You can experience different kinds of nature on the island of Langeland. If you are looking for exiting nature experiences, Langeland is the place to ...


Take a stroll through true village idyll, visit the Bell Stone and catch a fish for supper. Lyø invites you to have many exiting experiences.


Stay in one of the architect designed shelters on Skarø and stay close to nature.


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø. Take the bike or put on your hiking shoes and explore the small island.


Thurø is only 7,5 square meter, but you can still find some beautiful and unique nature experiences on the small island.


Tåsinge is a small and charming island in the South Funen Archipelago. Maybe you have already visited the island on your way to Langeland. Tåsinge has...


There are many different hidden nature experiences on Ærø. The coast around the island is soft and calm some places, but other places the coast is tor...

Let's go outside

The archipelago offers a wealth of nature experiences. Beautiful child-friendly beaches, diverse nature and deserted islands rich in bird life. So there is no excuse not to come outside. 

Strande for enhver smag

The islands and the islanders

Deserted islands

Active by the archipelago


There are lot of opportunities to be active during you stay by the South Funen Archipelago - on land, at sea and on two wheels.

The archipelago trail – hiking on Fyn

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark, comprising fully 220 km of hiking trails set against the backdrop of the South Fyn Archipelago. We guide you to an unforgettable and beautiful hike in the nature in the southern part of Fyn.

Maritime Fyn

The many small islands and the beautiful seaboard make sailing in the Fyn waters something quite special. So set sail, grap your kayak paddle or put bait on the hook and get ready for a wet adventure!

Cycling holiday on Fyn and the surrounding islands

On a cycling holiday on Fyn and the Archipelago you will for sure experience lots of small cosy towns, scenic landscapes, lovely  coastal cycle paths, and shallow bathing beaches.

Two great islands

Langeland and Ærø are a must on your next island hop. Here are the two islands' top experiences:

Five adventures on Ærø

Whether you are into history, art, culture, beautiful scenery or gastronomy - you will find it all on the island Ærø. Check out the list of five experiences you should not miss.

Top 5 experiences of Langeland

Langeland equals fascinating historical knowledge, art, raw nature and wild horses. Explore Langeland's most important experiences.