The Danish Archipelago of Fyn

The Archipelago

There are islands all the way around Fyn. Large and small, inhabited and uninhabited – a total of 96, most of them south of Fyn. You will find adventures under the open sky for the whole family. You can experience the islands by sea or on land. Each island has a special history and unique characteristics. You could, for example, visit Ærø with its beautiful landscapes and look out at the Baltic, Drejø – paradise of the artists, Skarø – known for its incredible ice-cream and cosy festival. On the north-east side of Fyn, you will find Romsø, where the countryside has minded its own business for centuries. And there’s Æbelø, which you can walk over to at low tide. 

So, if you have an inclination for fantastic scenic adventures, exciting cultural history and warm-hearted islanders, then take a tour to the islands around Fyn.