Experience nature on the many small islands

Experience nature on the many small islands

One of the special things about Fyn, is the many small islands in the sea surrounding Fyn. Especially the South Funen Archipelago is packed with small and beautiful islands. You can get some unique nature experiences on the islands. The islands are great to experience by foot or bike, or you can experience them from the water side.

You can go island-hopping is the South Funen Archipelago. You can hike on the Archipelago Trail. You can bike around the island. You can canoe or kayak. You can experience wild nature and a rich animal life.

If you are sailing around the South Funen Archipelago, you will soon notice that the landscape is quite special. The landscape in the archipelago was once one big ice age landscape with hills and valleys. During the Stone Age, the area was flooded and today only the tallest hills remains as islands, islets and headlands.

The history of the archipelago makes the nature in the area special – it is something you cannot experience everywhere. The many islands have their own characteristics. Here you see a list of the inhabited islands in the archipelago around Fyn and what to experience in the islands.

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History of the South Fyn Archipelago

The South Fyn Archipelago is a sunken Ice Age landscape with a fantastic history and a picture-perfect landscape. The large area of about 480 km² is characterised by the last Ice Age moving across Fyn. More than 55 green and lush islands and islets are scattered throughout a blue shallow sea, where a mild climate all year creates the basis for its rich plant and animal life. Several areas of the archipelago are designated as sanctuaries for breeding birds and have strict access requirements. Others are vulnerable nature reserves with unique plant and animal life.